4 Real AS

Programming / Design / Consulting

Full stack support

We are fully qualitified to help you with consulting, development, scaling and operation of online services, and websites.
4 Real started as a pure consulting company, but has evolved into a unified agency. If you are interested in our services, please write a little about what the case is, and send a message to post@4real.no


Our focus, summarized: Your profits

We know that your main focus within your business is profitability.
For this reason, every service of ours which we offer, is always thought out strategically as to if, and how it will either save you money, or increase your revenues.

Our core services

To be able to make the claims which we do, we had to create a perfect combination of business, design, and programming skills within our team. Thefore, we are not only able to deliver a wide range of services - every service which we deliver is rooted within our Online Strategic Doctrine.
Our list of core services are:

  • Magento / 
    We are proficient in all aspects of designing, and setting up a Magento shop
  • Wordpress / 
    We can deliver theme-based Wordpress sites, or custom made themes
  • Programming / 
    Advanced systems custom fit for any business need
  • Hosting / 
    Setup, and long-term management, and care of servers

Some of the companies we worked, and collaborated with